Specializing in Marijuana, Business and Real Estate Law

Marijuana Law

Joel’s experience and expertise in General Business Law and Real Estate come into play for medical and recreational marijuana businesses. As the legalized marijuana (MJ) industry and the regulations governing it continue to evolve, so do the challenges and opportunities. Joel’s deep background and involvement with the industry since its inception make him the ideal attorney to work with MJ businesses.

Business and Real Estate Law

Since 1980, Joel has built an extensive track record in General Business Law and Real Estate matters. After handling the initial challenge/issue for a client, he frequently becomes a trusted advisor to the business-owner. Initial points of contact often include; Business Startups, Operating Agreement Drafting and Review, Contract Negotiation and Drafting, Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements, Real Estate Disputes, Business Divorces and Real Estate Financing.

Regardless of what you call marijuana—pot, cannabis, weed, smoke, bud, ganja, dope, reefer—there’s only one name to call when you’re looking for an attorney well-versed in marijuana business law and regulations—Joel Russman.

Find out why today!

I was referred to Joel through a colleague in the cannabis industry about four years ago. Since then, we have worked with Joel on over a dozen contracts and business situations from operating agreements to licensing agreements. He is skilled in terms of drafting language that is clear, concise and easy to understand. But, what I value even more is the discussion before we get into the weeds of the legal language. He has a true knack for asking good questions that help me articulate the business opportunity as well as the risks and then developing strategies that enhance the opportunities and/or mitigate the risks. In short, he is an insightful business advisor as well as an excellent attorney. Additionally, the marijuana industry is often quirky from a regulatory perspective and Joel’s knowledge of the industry and the regs adds another layer of value to his advice. On a personal level, I find him to be consistently honest, straightforward, and responsive. And, to top it all off, he has a great sense of humor and good instincts about people. I feel so fortunate to have found Joel and to have him on our team.

Nancy Whiteman