Business Law and Real Estate

Since 1980, Joel has built an extensive track record in general business law and real estate matters. After handling the initial challenge/issue for a client, he frequently becomes a trusted advisor to the business-owner. Initial points of contact often include:

  • Business Startups
  • Operating Agreement Drafting and Review
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Business Financing Documents
  • Lease Drafting and Review
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Divorces
  • Real Estate Financing

Business Law Experience

Joel has broad experience handling startup and continuing business issues. He is especially good at problem-solving: devising and implementing strategies to achieve business goals. Joel ‘s business objective has been to build a client base of regular, ongoing clients, rather than clients who use him for “one-shot” matters. Following this philosophy, Joel learns of the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of his clients, which makes for more efficient representation, as he knows where they require help and how they prefer dealing with situations. Similarly, clients learn what Joel can do for them, and are more likely to call before a situation gets out of hand.

Real Estate Law Experience

Joel has been practicing real estate law in Colorado since 1980, representing real estate developers, brokers, landlords and tenants of commercial, industrial, retail, and residential property; buyers and sellers of raw land, multi-unit residential buildings, single-family homes, retail and industrial properties. He has extensive experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants and has repeatedly presented classes to other attorneys on the topic. Joel works closely with his broker clients when they run into situations beyond their expertise, both personally and on behalf of their clients. For developers, Joel helps them with initial property acquisition, planning the development of the property, and ultimately leasing or selling it. He has further helped all categories of real estate clients with financing issues, whether lending or borrowing, and has helped set up sale/lease-back arrangements for both business owners and investors.

I have had the honor of knowing Joel Russman since 2001. I was first referred to Joel when I had a business operating agreement challenged. Joel handled the issue with professionalism and grace. Not only was my problem solved, but he had the knowledge and wisdom to put protections into the settlement so the issue couldn’t rear its ugly head again! Since then, Joel has worked on at least a dozen other matters for me and my related companies. All handled with the care and diligence that allows me to sleep at night knowing everything is in good hands. I demand excellence. With Joel that expectation is constantly exceeded. Joel sees the issue before him and ALL the contingencies. I love that he has the ability to think strategically! I can’t count the number of times he’s pointed out a blind spot in my thinking. Most of the work Joel has performed for me has been related to contracts, operating agreements, real estate, business formation and entity planning. And, he has in-depth knowledge of the business side of marijuana. The few times litigation reared its ugly head Joel kicked butt! He won every battle we had to fight. He won because he was not just prepared, but over-prepared. The battle was over before it began – the other side just didn’t know it. If you are not just looking for an attorney, but an attorney AND counselor working in your best interest, Joel’s the guy.

Paul Hamann