Strategic. Conscientious. Value-Added.  These have been Joel’s watchwords since he opened his Denver-based law practice in 1994. Clients come through the door to get a business started, a dispute resolved, a lease tightened up or a sale closed. They come back because Joel helps grow their business. Then they refer their friends, the greatest vote of confidence.

When Colorado legalized marijuana, Joel discovered quickly that his relationship-building skills and experience in small business organization and conflict management were a perfect fit for a nascent industry lacking structure, clarity or track record.

In addition to all the usual concerns facing any small business, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code (HB1284) created consternation by requiring that dispensaries and growers be part of the same business. Joel was among the first to analyze and advise clients and other lawyers about the business and real estate ramifications of the resulting “shotgun marriages.”

Amid these chaotic conditions, Joel guided his clients as they established their businesses, purchased or leased space for grow operations, manufacturing facilities and dispensaries. He also helped them emerge successfully from the inevitable “shotgun divorces.” Today he is one of the most respected and trusted attorneys in the marijuana industry.

Joel’s networking and relationship-building are growing even more valuable as the marijuana industry matures and expands. New challenges include connecting financiers to opportunities and matching buyers to sellers. “I field calls from all over the country about legal requirements of retail versus medical marijuana, how to get involved, operational considerations, development issues and investment opportunities. It’s becoming a thriving sub-practice in its own right,” he notes.

Joel is not satisfied with keeping his clients out of trouble; he helps them thrive.

I began using Joel as my attorney in the Medical Cannabis Industry in 2010. Joel was at the time the utmost authority on a very vague amendment to the Colorado Constitution. He guided me through uncharted legal territory and my first difficult and messy business partnerships in the marijuana industry. He and I both believe that litigation should always be an absolute last resort. That all being said, Joel has won every case he has litigated for me and I have been able to collect all damages. Joel’s charges are very fair and I feel that I get great value. He is an invaluable part of the team of my newest business, Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen. He’s been on my business plan since day 1.

Joshua Pollack